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ZIPPO de do da!

guess who on the block got her very first shiny silver zippo lighter?
a heck of a gift courtesy of christopher martinelli
a fine smokers starter kit:
~camel lights
~lighter fluid

a cigarette tastes flame broiled after lighting it with a zippo.
it stays with you. memories of grillin'.

about selling souls?
i think i may do it soon
for i am a poor man
and need a trip to atlantic city.
i mean, spending an hour at royal farms and buying scratch off after scratch off is great, but the cashier gets tired of typing in the numbers and giving you money.

do you beleive in ghosts?
my tenants may be moving out because one of them got he idea in his head that ghosts are attacking his head, and the other roomate got freaked out and wont go in the basement to do her laundry unless someone else is home. ive been here 22 years and nothing has ever happened to me.

vacation pics coming SOON!
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