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dear god
thank you for this delicious sun dried tomato sausage i am eating
and thank you for steve buscemi, the indie king
and online photo gallerys of him
and leonard cohen
thanks to you oh lord for vegetarians!
for twenty four hour coffee joints
and diners serving belgium's finest waffles
for coffee again!
for pencil thin moustaches
and phones that ring off the hook
thank you lord for my space

where you can no longer hide the traces left, the products left- by the workings of your brain, if you are being honest.
everyone will know you
not you, really
they will get to know your brain.
and not by literally accepting what you have written
but by looking into how you have written
analyzing what you have chosen to include
in a portfolio of the best of *you*
sure, some may look and judge by if you have the right musical interests, general interests, and a handsome photo.
how many hours have you spent perusing myspace?
countless profiles
late night soirees
to the minute updates of your personal life
your marital status
latest hair cut?

i'm just eating applesauce
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